What can I do?

Traditional ways of influencing public policy, such as writing your congressman and joining trade groups have not worked. A new method is needed. The survival of our industries depends on it, and the standard of living in our country depends on it.

Humor and mass media is the best way to sway public opinion. Here are some ideas:

1) People remember funny TV and radio messages. They need to be edgy and appealing to our patriotic instincts. Animation is a terrific method of conveying complex messages quickly in TV commercials. Sponsors are needed to fund the air time. Links can be found on the home page.

Please contact me if you would like to modify the concept ads for your local market. 

2) Encourage the public to take specific action, such as "turn foreign made products up-side-down".  If you see a widget made in a foreign country in a store, for example, turn it over and put it back into the shelf. 

Retail stores, like all businesses, are motivated by profits.  They will only change and buy American made products when they see it as their economic interest to do so. When their customers speak, the stores will eventually listen.

3) Getting state legislatures to adopt symbolic, equalizing tariffs on imported goods or laws guaranteeing that the Chinese currency can be freely exchanged in the world wide currency markets. The federal government has complete control over trade and monetary policy, but even largely symbolic state legislation would create attention to the problem.

4) Sponsoring campaigns against politicians with the wrong point of view on trade and manufacturing in both political parties. Why do politicians fight about how much to tax, borrow, and spend when the root problem is the lack of national wealth creation? Politicians talk about the need for economic growth, but they do not understand that we must force China into the free markets of currency exchange in order to achieve economic growth.

5) Rent a highway billboard saying "Tired of government borrowing and deficit spending? BUY AMERICAN! Only American workers pay American taxes"

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