Manufacturing is the goose that laid the American golden egg

What went wrong: the China Syndrome

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Free Market Capitalism Works

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I do not understand the words "Outsource Politicians"

General Electric's CEO  starts to see the light

New Trade Agreements?


The goal of Outsource Politicians is to advocate manufacturing in the United States. The financial health of our citizens and our country cannot be corrected without American manufacturing.

Our politicians should be asking Americans to buy locally made goods, and our government should be advocates of domestic manufacturing. They are not doing their jobs, so Outsource Politicians needs to sway public opinion away from imported goods. We cannot wait on our government and politicians to see the light.

America is committing a slow economic suicide by outsourcing manufacturing!

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The videos can also be found on YouTube by searching "save the US economy" or "save the US economy by waltnc"

The flip side of every import and export is a currency transactions. America should insist on a free market to set the value of the currencies of ALL of our trading partners. China takes advantage of our free markets to sell to the US, but then does not allow their currency to be traded in a free market. The net result is a massive trade deficit with China, a huge national debt, and lower standard of living in the US. Free market capitalism works; we should insist on it.

No country has ever imported themselves into lasting prosperity.